Agricultural Buildings

Diversify your farm with our steel frame buildings

Steel frame farm buildings are a must-have structure for any agricultural or rural business, as they come with a range of benefits. With unparalleled levels of flexibility, structural steelwork means that you can replace old buildings and add new ones in any shape, size and quantity. This allows the business to expand and evolve as required, which is essential for ongoing success.

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Diversify with steel frame buildings & farm buildings

Steel framed structures are quick and easy to install, yet offer excellent structural stability, reliable weather resistance and top levels of safety. Their ability to achieve height and wide open spaces make them ideal for all types of agricultural applications, from grain stores and live stock housing, to milking parlours, workshops, implant sheds and straw barns.

Our expert advisors have a wealth of knowledge in recommending the best types of steel framed buildings for each customer, bringing significant results based on your precise goals. For instance, you could choose steel agricultural sheds for simple functions such as storage of equipment, vehicles and livestock, or have us design large, multi-bay steel industrial units that can act as a packing and distribution facility, or be fitted with cooling equipment to create a secure cold store.

Meanwhile, many of our agricultural customers get our steel framed buildings installed on their premises in order to truly diversify their commercial offering.  Some examples include farmers who have added daffodil growing and other horticultural offerings to their portfolio, whilst one customer in particular uses our steel buildings to house a painstakingly designed miniature railway.

Our steel frame agricultural buildings will suit all of your needs.

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Steel framed farm buildings as unique as your business

Whether you need to store and protect  farm equipment, tractors, vehicles, hay, crops, large volumes of grain or any type of animal, steel frame buildings are the answer. Offering tons of space, top-notch structural stability, an environmentally friendly lifespan and a very fast turnaround, they’re the cost-effective solution that guarantees a high return on investment in no time at all.

We’re dedicated to getting to know our new customers and keeping up to date with existing ones, as this allows us to understand exactly which of our structural framework buildings will bring the best results. With this in mind, we encourage you to get in touch for a friendly chat about your current arrangement, budget and vision, enabling us to work together to create lucrative new opportunities and take your agricultural business to a whole new level.

Do I need planning permission to construct a new farm building on agricultural land?

Current law says you can construct a building on agricultural lands as long as it meets all of these requirements:


1. The land MUST have an area of 5 hectares or larger.

2. You MUST NOT construct any buildings which are classed as a dwelling by UK Law.

3. The building MUST be used exclusively for agricultural purposes.

4. You MUST have at least one other agricultural building on the land.

5. It MUST be constructed within 75 metres of another group of farm buildings.

6. The building MUST NOT be more that 500 metres squared and 12 metres tall.

7. The building MUST NOT be more than 9 metres from the middle of the road.


For further details and information on planning permissions, please visit the government's website here.

CE marking

Everything that we supply comes with CE marking, proving that it meets EU safety, health and environmental requirements and is in compliance with EU legislation.

Combined with our years of experience and exemplary customer service, this gives you complete peace of mind when purchasing from Bridgewater Construction.

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